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Become a Tutor

Tutoring English

  • Tutors must be 19 or older and have a good command of English.
  • You do not need to have teaching experience or know a foreign language.
  • Most of our learners are from Central or South America.
  • We also have learners from Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • We ask that you meet with your learner for 2 hours per week and commit to a year of tutoring with time off for vacations and holidays.


"My student is delightful, hard-working and smart. It brings me great joy to help her navigate her world." Jane

Lauren Thaler

"I enjoy seeing my student gain confidence speaking, writing and reading in English. We are developing a special friendship that gives me a great amount of pleasure too. I also love learning about her culture and family traditions."  Lauren

Harold German

"Getting to know the student, learning about their background. finding out what their interests are, and thinking of creative ways to come up with Lesson plans all make tutoring interesting. I have a background in theater so I'm always thinking how can I bring some of that background into tutoring. I also like the spontaneity component of it. You can plan for a lesson, and then you realize when you're in the room with the student that you have to throw it out the window and just kind of be in the moment with the student." Harold